Thartman Formative Assessment

December 6th, 2012

There are many important values to assessment. I tend to agree with our text book that assessment should be more focused on how it was in the early 1980’s which used your grades, essays and IQ test to help you to achieve success based on your achievements. However, it is important for higher education standards today to feel self assured know that we are competent teachers who can teach our children. Summative assessment which is equal to (standardized tests) are great ways that can look at student’s achievements as well as a tool to know if you as teacher are meeting your objectives. According to Woolfolk “Summative assessment occurs at the end of instruction and it purpose is to let the teacher and student know the level of accomplishment attained” (p, 549)

There are many creative ways to understand what your students know to scaffold and slowly access students like observations, you could use as a thumbs up in the classroom. This can be used to ensure that you understand your students and that they can learn from each other as well. You need to give students descriptive feedback like saying to them “way to go class” when they do well and look at what you all were able to do. You need to see what your students are doing and know that your students are observing each other. Reliability of test scores in very important when teaching students. Here is a great video that discusses assessment.

It is even more important to understand that students need to know that you are genuine and care that they are learning. You can do this through formative assessment with pre/post test or with fun ways of having your students engage in focus groups make  VIDEOS WITH THEM.  You should have engagement with your students and motivate students to be a part of your assessment process. Build relationships as a teacher. Get to know who your students are. Know what challenges that your students have and know what challenges you as a teacher have in teaching them. Here is a good video to take a look at

It is important to let students have choices that they know will affect their learning and it is even more important to know that your students want do well and want to see how they are doing. Let them know that you are interested in them and what is important to them. Your students should know what to expect out of learning and make sure that you believe in your students victories. Your students will pick up if you are not interested in their learning. Access your students in real life

Make sure that students understand the material and use summative assessment that uses teaching that follows instruction with games or fun assessment.You should have constant feed back through assessment. Always look for better ways to monitor your students learning and the objectives for assignments and give opportunities about feedback about your students learning style. Make sure when you are doing assessment that you celebrate your student’s success. The distinction between formative and summative assessment is based on how your results are used. Let your students be engaged in this process. Let them know that measurements will be based on the quantitative number they get right or wrong but there will be fun ways of improvement. Let them know that assessments will be used to see what ways they can improve or area they may need to work on. Formative assessments can be used with pretest and summative assessment could be used with testing that follows instruction and teaching improvements for your classroom.









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