Thartman My Goals as a Teacher EDCI 506

January 30th, 2013

I am always making new goals for myself. I often times find myself in a moratorium phase of life. I really do know that this is not a good thing to do at my age Even though I know 40  is the new 30 I do want to be settled in my hopes and dreams. That is why one year ago I decided to follow my dreams to become a teacher I sometimes feel I wasted some valuable time. However, I learned things that were meant for me to learn in life I am now fully obligated to follow what I have always wanted to become a teacher. You see as child I always wanted to play school. I always wanted to be the teacher. I now know that I have to take a step and go through each task to do so. I decided to research the best school to become a teacher not knowing that life would take me into a different city. I am a little worried that I do not live near Fredericksburg any longer and it is causing me a great deal of anxiety with having to take care of my mother but distance learning is working for me.  I know some of my time will need to be spent in classes on campus there. I am preparing to take the praxis exam this summer and I am teaching at a school where I love it so I know that this is where I want to be teaching. My first goal is to finish this semester as well as I did last semester perhaps even better. My second goal is to take the Praxis Exam 1 and 2 but I want to take my time and study well and be prepared the day of my exam.

After I accomplishment this step I then will be a licensed teacher. I plan to become a teacher and get my license. I would love to teach science or African American History or perhaps a public health course. I love science and health. I first thought I wanted to teach in an elementary school, however after speaking to Dr. Huffman and after working the last 3 weeks at a high school doing substitute teaching I would like to become a teacher in Special Education in a high school. I not only want to be a Special Education Teacher I would like to be an Exceptional Teacher. This week we went over theInTASC Core standards in teaching and I realized that I want to ensure that I am assessing my students well and preparing them as well as myself for the 21 Century learner and teacher. In the standards this week we learned that teachers need to understand and use multiple methods of assessment to engage our learners and our own growth and to monitor our students leaning constantly. It is my job to guide and constantly access them properly. I know that from reading our standards this week that accomplished teachers are more able to understand subject areas and how to organize the material on each subjects and apply this in the real world (Exceptional Needs Standards, 2010, p. 11).

I also know that I have to take care of myself and continue to grow as a person and follow my dreams. I still feel young and vibrant and full of hope for my future task that is presently becoming real. I am learning about Smart Boards and how to use them and working with students from every walk of life. I am happy that I am a substitute teacher but looking so forward to my own class room! I have not felt this way completely like this for a while. I have a great husband I am home with my family and I am working in the school that I went to as a child. What better gift could God bring me then the students I absolutely adore. They bring me joy and great honor to be their teacher even if for now it is on a temporary basis. Each one of them knows I am there to help them learn and grow in all they are doing while in school.



CCSSO. (2011, April). InTASC: Model Core Teaching Standards. Washington, DC, United States of America: Council of Chief State School Officers.

National Board Certification for Teachers. (2010). Exceptional Needs Standards; Second Edition. Retrieved from:

Thartman 21 Century vs Core Knowledge edci INDTI 501

January 25th, 2013

The blog topic this week was very interesting and dynamic. I had a chance to look at the three websites and each had a common theme but each also had differences. Each website discussed their philosophy and each website had their own unique ideas on how students can achieve learning goals of teaching children the things they need to learn in today’s society. The first website that I looked at was on the Core Knowledge Foundation. This was an advocacy website. They discussed the importance of educational equality for all children. This website was laid out well and had different tabs to explain the things that they are doing. The core knowledge website discussed the importance of knowledge building and what a child should know at what grade level. The website advocated the importance of knowledge and thinking skills for students. This site discussed that core knowledge is powerful yet simple.

The more a student learns the more they can grow. According to Teresa Coffman the importance of inquiry for our students is not to for them to only memorize factual information but our students need to apply facts to questions they may have to add to their own understanding (p. 1). In another class this week we went over the core standards of teaching. I feel that these standards help to guide teachers and students with just what they say they do build literacy and thinking skills with our students. The first websites emphasized learning as students grow and what the child should know at each level. As John Dewey stated in his preface in a book I am reading he said “that all social movements involve with conflicts which are reflected intellectually to controversies” (Dewey 1949). This caught my attention and made me want to read more. I think that this has a lot to do with some of the content that was laid out in the websites. Each of the website’s authors and organizations has their own sort of social and advocacy and ideas on what builds intellect and ways of learning.

The important aspects of my subject area are built in science. I love learning about our world and the people in it. This idea of my subject area really made the second website more interesting to me. The second website on 21st Century Students did add to my view point because much of what it had to say I believe in. I feel strongly that there is a framework that I must build from in my teaching style and that there is a framework that we must have for our students to learn as well as for me to learn about my students. Our students do learn the skills, knowledge and expertise from us and they do need these basic skills to succeed in work and life. I also agree with John Dewey when he discussed the “patterns of organization” (p, 2). I agree that it takes a grasp of understanding the rules of order in our lives as well as our students. I agree with the second website and I liked that this website discussed essential skills for success in today’s world. Take a look at this video it touched my heart.

I believe in this because much of what I know I had to learn critically through thinking skills and problem solving and communication styles in order to work, breathe, go to school and to collaborate with my peers.  You must know how to respond to friends, colleagues, and at school and work to survive in life.  I am attaching the link to look at a toolkit pdf for the Framework for 21 Century this include information on3R’s which are core academic content mastery and the 4Cs which is critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, communication and creativity and innovation).

This takes a blend of content on knowledge of specific skills and learning of literacy, technology and the desire to want achieve this, however, it did not change my view of how life learning sometimes takes precedence in the lives of our students. Solomon and Schrum stated “Using technology is the way today’s students learn outside of school because they are comfortable with the tools” (p,3) I feel that this is true however it is important to use technology but we must engage it with other important real world issues our students face. Some students come to school with empty home lives and from abuse. I have always felt strong about integration in my teaching and how it is important to use technology and different viewpoints to add to my teaching style. I also must recognize what my student’s needs are. Are they hungry? Did they get sleep the night before school? I feel it is important to learn from others and to collaborate with each other as well as learn new information that is ever-changing in the way we teach. In my undergraduate work I took a lot of psychology and public health courses. I feel that students must be engaged in learning in new ways of presenting teaching but I also as their teacher must possess the passion to teach my students. Deborah Meir said that “The question is not, is it possible to educate all children well rather, Do we want to do it badly enough” (p, 4). I feel using technology from these website enhances our teaching style and gives us tools not compassion to do it with. We must want to teach and must have the desire, passion and compassion to do so. I feel learning information in standards testing and learning new information is merely the technology vehicles we must keep up to achieve it. The last website discussed pedagogy and it emphasized that you only can be a 21st century teacher if you are able to keep up with the fact that our teaching changes and build this into your teaching style. This website was very good it had lots of tabs for information on Blooms Taxonomy and digital learning among others. This website emphasized using technology to create learning environments.



Coffman, T. (2013). Using inquiry in the classroom. (2 ed.). New York, NY: Rowman & Littlefield Education.

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Framework for 21st century learning: 21st century student outcomes and support systems. Partnership for 21st-Century Skills. Retrieved from


Designed by Tim Sainburg from Brambling Design

Designed by Tim Sainburg from Brambling Design

Thartman Integration Matrix INDI 501-02

January 18th, 2013

The Technology Integration Matrix

The Technology Matrix is a great resource for teachers. The Technology Matrix incorporates five interdependent characteristics of meaningful learning environments. That are active, constructive and goal directed. An example of goal oriented or goal objectives reminds me of the SMART Goals to be specific measurable, attainable, realistic and time specific. This made me think about how our students learn. The teacher provides instruction to students and students use their prior knowledge of skills to learn something they may already know to help with new things the need to learn. The Technology Matrix can help our students with goals that can be measured by the new technology and information rich lessons they learn. This assignment helped me to understand that the world is changing and technology seems to always supersede me with newer technology advancing before I get to use it. I just got a Smart Phone. All my friends have said why you don’t have one? It does so much and it allows you to do so much.

At first I was skeptical because I did not want a phone that knew more or was smarter than me. I have seen schools use I Phones and IPods and different technology and the use of digital response systems with clickers that made technology fun. Now with the Interactive White Board and the Smart Board I must keep up. I really like this and will use in my classroom. I feel it is a realistic goal to be up on technology today. I have to learn more about because the White Board can help me be specific in my teaching style while encouraging fun and interactive learning for my students. I thought of many of you and how you may have used a White Board or Smart Board. I thought this board may help me who has never used one or the more advanced teachers that may be you to learn about it and how it is used. I loved this link I hope you get a chance to look at about white boards. This is one way to get the most specific and goal oriented technology in the classroom. Smart Boards extraordinary discovery made simple. Hey if I can use Brain Shark and do memory presentations and use a Smart Phone then anything is doable. Who knows maybe there will be a Smart Car one day that there will not be such thing as accidents.

The use of the White Board and using it to allow students to present information and show how they learned a lesson would fall right into the integration and collaboration part of the Integrated Technology Matrix. Now that I realize the phone isn’t smarter than me I was just apprehensive to learn about something that was new to me. Now I love it!!! I use this analogy with the things I am learning in this class through discovery of new things. Especially with the Technology Integration Matrix I feel progress in the technology that I can use can be achieved through discovery, fun and commitment to learn it.

The Technology Matrix assignment reminded me of how now that I am substitute teacher ways I can infuse new technology when I get my own classroom. I can use my specific measurable and attainable goals to get there. The Technology Matrix is one tool that can assist me in providing ways to make it fun and a wonderful learning experience for myself and my students. I really liked the video below in the integration matrix because it shows how infusion and collaboration can be used with our students. The teacher provides the instruction and the students choose the technology to be used. In this video the teacher’s uses infusion as well as collaboration to provide learning through providing content to her students and she utilizes ways for them to teach what they have learned to teach others. Take a look at the link below if you get a chance. In this lesson this is where I found an objective that I can use to help me with the technology matrix through the use of integration and collaboration as well as exploration and prior knowledge for myself and my students to become more advanced with their learning styles. Take a look at what I found this was an eye opening and eye rising moment for me. This was my discovery moment. You may cut and paste the link or go to the link and watch how this teacher uses technology to help their students learn fractions in math. I can use a brush up from time to time with my math. I also found especially compelling and raised my eye brow a little not skeptically though but in interest of hey I can use these tools in technology to advance myself to help my students achieve higher learning. The teacher used technology to allow the students to use several technology tools to learn math in a fun way. I choose math because although it is not my favorite subject. I am more science and history oriented. I thought I should choose ways of exploring math as a teacher to believe in myself and my student’s ability to do math.


Orientation Blog Dalton Sherman EDCI-506 THartman

January 15th, 2013

The video on Dalton Sherman in one word was amazing. The keynote speaker really touched my heart. In the beginning I thought wow this young man must be an actor. As I listened to this young child I realized that what is the single most important factor is that no matter where our students come from that we need to believe in our students. More importantly, we really do not ever need to give up on our students or each other. Sherman’s little big voice still rings in my ear. This voice can help when you feel like giving up. This video on this young man was inspirational. I loved when Dalton Sherman said” I can dream anything create anything and become anything” He reminded me of what most of our students may not say to us. They need us to believe that they can reach their highest potential. I loved also that he asked the question do you believe in yourself. I try very hard to never doubt myself but I know that all of us have done so from time to time. Even when I am getting the best grades that any student can get I still at times doubt  so much of my own potential.

I was reminded by this wonderful ambitious young man that when life gets you down and you feel you cannot make it another day.  You must try. I also thought about a call that I got to substitute teach for my first assignment today. The lady that called said that many have given up on this classroom of high school students that I am sending you to. At first I was afraid. I will have my first day tomorrow at a high school right here in my hometown of a class of students that many have refused to go back to. And how the first thing I said was I believe I can do it. I will try. The important thing is that I believe and that I do not give up like many others may have done for my students. Furthermore, I think this video about believing in me is more than just believing in our students. It is about some much more than that. It touches a very important fact that we need to believe in our students. They will pick up on if you do not. We also need to believe in our potential. I need to believe that I can do anything and more impotently we can do it together. I do not have to do it alone. I have all of you and my other teachers to turn to. We have each other!

In life especially today everyone turns to technology. It is important yes however, even more importantly we must not forget we have each other and we believe in each other. We are human and we all make mistakes and conveying that to our students is very important. It is even more important to let them know we fall down but we get up and we do so together.  They will pick up on if you do not!!! Believe me!!! It touched me when Sherman said “in some cases you are all we have” We do wipe the students eyes we work with and, we often too many times help them get food when it is the only meal some of our students will have for the day. We do walk with them down the lonely halls when they feel they have no one else to turn to. As I watched Sherman I thought about two important things he said. At one point I was in tears. Do you believe in yourself my children and my children’s children? Yes Dalton I promise I do and I will.



Hello world

January 15th, 2013


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