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February 15th, 2013

I had a lot of fun doing this weeks blog post. I have had some challenges with trying to figure out how to add my powerpoint slides but I will go back and do that before the final due date. I am very encouraged that I have not given up with learning to use the technology. I am really amazed with how much I have learned so far. I found that doing a little at a time is better than sitting for 5 or 6 hours trying to figure out what I cant do. I found it helpful to not get overwhemlemed and do small increments at a time.

I was able to get a free pro account at the beginning of the semester and it is still live and I signede in and went to

I then thought of a theme I decided to do children with exceptionalities and use animals that help make them smile and also dogs and horses that assist them in their daily life. I downlaoded slides from google images that were free images and then I uploaded my pictures. I need to go back and add my credits slide. I did put my music video link on my web portfolio this week and my linked in page. I am adding more activities and helpful links to my learning network as the weekend progresses.

The challenges that I ran into on this one were limited. I used images of my own and images that were free public images on google to make my music video. I loved this assignement. I wanted to add my singing voice as the music but I found that challenging to do with me recording this in Animoto. Perhaps I will try again. If any one has feedback let me know?


Here is my link to my music video







2 Responses to “Thartman Music Video Blog Post”

  1. jwomack on February 17, 2013 11:08 am

    You bring up a great point about splitting up the time you spend on these projects. I have found myself getting frustrated working with some of the new technology and being stuck for awhile on one aspect. To break the work up allows for me to release some steam and come back and focus with a clear head. Do you think this would be a useful tool for our students with special needs to use or even help them learn?

  2. thartma2 on February 18, 2013 1:48 pm

    Hey I would love to help each other by being of support just email me when you need a push or two or perhaps we can give each other support.

    Yes I found doing two or three hours per night or every other night helps

    Collaboration is essential with technology and maybe a glass of wine from time to time so call me girl LOL


    Send me your email as well

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