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February 23rd, 2013

The information this week about flipping a classroom was a very informative topic. I watched the video first and then read the information. The video helped me to understand the concept of flipping the classroom and gave me some good ideas of ways that I can incorporate small steps to begin this in my own teaching methods. It also made me think about the things I will need to carry this out. I would have to get the buy in of my students and if I am teaching in a area that there are many students with a low income how could I utilize this project. I could allow them to go to the library and watch videos that I post on a topic.

The concept of the flipped classroom discussed by the teacher in the first video I watched was amazing because he discussed how he does not have to stand in the classroom and teach his students. He allows his students to apply concepts that they have learned from home and come to the classroom and apply the concepts. He also discussed that allows him to be more engaged with his students.

The second video had a teacher named Jonathan Birdman in it. He discussed that he has the opportunity to challenge his students and to be more engaged with them. Both teachers seem unique in their teaching style because they have found ways to teach students innovatively and with passion. The second video discussed how he is able to spend more time with his students on finding out what they are good at.. Flipping the classroom leaved more room for engagement. This will allow teachers to be able to spend more time with their students instead of having to lecture to them. I may need a white board and I could use shorter lessons. I could use videos to tape my lesson and use examples and demonstrations that may help my students. I found this video on how a teacher flips her classroom and I plan to use some of her suggestions. Take alook at how she flips her classroom. I loved it.  www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMpMUeW5kuk

There are many ways that I thought about that would be useful to flip my own classroom. I could let me students pick a topic that they found interesting and use a scavenger hunt and post it on a link on a discussion board for our classroom and use videos and links with interested information on the topic and then allow my students to present the information to me using concepts of the scavenger hunt that they learned by listening to videos I posted and though the use of lessons I post for them from home. They could use a video or other neat ways of showing me what they learned.



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