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March 1st, 2013

Tiffanys wallwisher

I found this week’s  Wallwisher assignment to be interesting. I actually have beeen enjoying working with the technology thus far. I feel more self assured with the technology. I am learning and really love the stuff I am mastering. I feel like I may not be able to do everything with different technology aspects but I really know much more than when I started this semester. I also listen and go to the websites and try to recreate things and use trail and error. I now have a Smart Phone,I am using Smart Boards,I have a Kindle Fire which I love, I have a Linked in page which I really am not feeling so great about but hey I will give it a chance!!!!

I leanrned how to use the Animoto site which I love and created music videos and I have learned also how to use Brainshark to allow my students to introduce themselves to me. I tried to create a game whith  Scaratch which I hated but plan to go back and try again. I am a natural blogger now. I am learning ways to network and use my Facebook and my Linked In Page to help me professionally. I can use new technology to as a way to stay in touch with friends and family in a suitable way to use socail media. I have worked on 2  web portfolios and I have tried all sorts of new technologies.

I am very proud of myself. I have found that it is best to go slow and at a pace that is fit for my work time and my school hours and to do what I can and not to get too overwhlemed. I am playing around with and creating music videos and posting them for me and my husband to have as keepsakes and I think I can actually use the technology for fun and with my students to be creative.

This week I learned about Wallwisher and ways to use it in my teaching style and in my classroom.I feel I can use Wallwisher to help my students create fun ways to be creative and to post sticky notes for reminder assignments as well as for myself to post what I have learned this semester. I can use it to save important things that mean a lot to me and to be creative and remind my students of important dates or things to uplift them in their learning adventures. I have learned how to flip my classroom and I can use the Wallwisher to help with flipping students’s assignemnts as well. This week I plan to see how many things I can post on Wallwisher to help me feel motivated and then share it with my students and then see how they like it too.

I work with children who many times come from broken homes or foster care and they do not have many people in their life who care about how they feel. When they come to school it is my greatest challenge to help them feel worthy of what they learn.   I often times feel unsure myself about life and all the obstacles in it but I know we fall down but we get up. Here is what I created so far. I still have to go in and add more. What I like about is you can add as much as you would like and add as many walls as you like. Here is what I have started  I will try to add add all the wonderful things I have learned this semester on it.

Also here is a music video I put together of me and my family for fun and for my husband about the love we share so yes I am using the technology I have learned this semester. I just have not been able to go back once I create something and edit for misspelled words etc. But I think you will enjoy what I am learning and have done thus far.

This one is one that I call homeymooning not honeymooning because we spent time with family in our home town during our honeymoon and then went away togther so I call in spening time at home. Homeymooning (LOL)

Take a look


I can use Wallwisher and other technology so that my students to can do creative things.

It was an amazing time to stop life and spend some much needed time homeymooning


Check in enjoying family time now that I am back at home and living where I belong.


So I am enjoyning the use of all the technology I am learning this semester and for the most part I am happy about it.

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