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March 16th, 2013

Thartmans Exceptional Learner Comic

This week I decided to use digital storytelling and I created a comic book story of a topic that I thought was important. I used the topic of autism and exceptional learners for both of the mini project topics. I posted them both on my web portfolio. The reason I chose this topic is because of the very personal reason that autism has affected my family and many of my friends. My grandson was diagnosed with some of the symptoms of being autistic. Yet he never was given an official diagnosis until me and my daughter fought to find out more about what he was experiencing. Because he did not have a severe case he was not diagnosed for a long time. My family went through so many ups and downs and it became apparent that my daughter and I would need to advocate for her son and my grandson. We sought information from websites support groups and on television we would have to get information for ourselves. It also became hard to communicate with other effectively.

While doing the assignment Mini Project 1 I thought of many of the things my family has went through and all the ups and downs of what a family goes through with autism. It took all day to create the comic story and it still does not work like I wanted it to but again I know more than when I began. I figured out how to use the technology maybe not master it yet but it was worth seeing my great work come to life. The problem was there was not a link to save my work like other assignments we have done in the past after I finished. That was frustrating!!! I am not sure if it comes with a link for sharing and if so I do not know how to do so. Does anyone know? I got frustrated and ask my husband to help me and he could not figure out how to get a link either. I done a great job with it and it was fun but I could not save the link. My computer keeps acting up from downloading so many free downloads because other free site tries to get me to download  pop ups. I hope my free virus protector prevails.          The comic story website did have good directions and it was fairly easy but it did not give directions on how to share a link with others so I did a screen shot of my work which I am using more often.  I had more luck with my digital story telling but I will work more on that assignment tomorrow try to add media and try to just have fun.

Doing this assignment did bring up some really cool important points for me as a teacher. It is important to share a piece of me with my students. I feel I can use the digital storytelling present information on say history or science or use it to tell a story of what happened in my family with autism. I feel I can use this technology in my classroom to connect with my students. Story telling is amazing and I remember how story time affected me as a student. The role for me as a teacher to learn some of the technology to present stories in a classroom of meaning a substance and share with my student’s important aspects of autism and autistic students. I want them to know that autism affects many families in the world and this could happen to any family My students also need to understand autism so they will know how to understand students that they come in contact that have been diagnosed with it. I thought that a music video or another technology that we have learned with voice thread would have done this job more effectively I chose to use another route so it was either stick with the long hours of work or change up. I chose the second option. My link to my story telling is here I still have more work to do on it.

There was not many places to go to go back and edit for the comic story at least that I could figure out and the icons did not work like I learned in the learning presentation it was fun though but I did not feel like a digital diva this week. I should get an A for all the effort though. 5 hours total. And 2 today so that equals 7 hours of learning new technologies.


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