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March 23rd, 2013

Budget Letter

Tiffany Hartman



To the School Board

March 21 2013:

I am concerned with the current state of School Boards budgets. I plan to discuss some of my concerns and outline some of these concerns in this letter .The outline that I am proposing will allow our school budget to help our schools in the Roanoke Valley continue to function and allow our students and employees to continue to serve and to go to public school and get their needs met.

My objective is to not make budget cuts that will affect our teachers, instructional staff as well as need custodial, secretary and other important staff that help our school run. Instead my objective will utilize Smart objectives that will be measurable within the small changes need in the budget, specific because they will target specific area in small ways, relevant and attainable. This may be a possible solution because the smaller class size is a relevant idea may be attainable and help with improved student success.

There has been discussion that the School Board may have to vote and the budget cuts may be needed that will affect class size or needed health benefits for our employees. It is within my objective and plan to make sure that teachers and students and other support staff that are affected within this budget understand that their jobs and the honorable education of our students not be affected by this budget.

It has been noted by past research that reduction in class size is needed for effective learning and classroom learning is better achievable with smaller teacher to student ratios. I feel that it is in the best interest that we maintain of the subjects that our teachers teach and we continue to provide Special Education classes, PE Music and Art Its pertinent that are employees continue to keep their health benefits and we keep teachers teaching. We need healthcare that are employees can continue afford

I propose to reduce the budget in small ways and deduct one point from paraprofessionals needed in the classroom. I know this is a strong cut for us and taking from families but I propose that paraprofessional can take turns in other classrooms and be brought back on as the budget allows. I propose to reduce 4 points in our music budget and use online resources to replace this budget or borrow from other school’s music equipment needed for our music department. We have many students who are great at fund raising and we may have the do a fundraiser to help with the point education needed to take from this budget cut from our music department.

I also propose that we can budget more in our library and use internet resources. We can use free online resources as verses buying many new books this semester I propose to deduct 4 points from our library budget. I do not plan to take from our parent resource department because this program is instrumental in the success of our students. I will plan to deduct 5 points from our new school book budget because we can use online resources to make up for the loss and use of these books and inter loan library to help with this cut.

I will have to reduce 2 points for transportation for the student activity bus and 2 point for the secretary staff and utilize a plan that will establish the use of online planning and will detail an outlined budget that will detail and discuss possible cuts to vote on in detail of this budget. For a short time period we will have to reduce student activity bus transportation by 5 points.

I am sorry to have to recommend these cut but is important for the continued success of our school budget to be successful and to continue to run our public school system Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Tiffany Hartman

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