Thartman Mini Project 2 edci-501

March 24th, 2013

Ryan WhiteFor the mini project 2 I have been going back and forth with the technology and frankly I am very frustrated because of how much time it is taking to do the assignments. I work a full time job and I have a house, and elderly mother, a husband and grad school assignments. I feel like this semester has been a little overwhelming. I have learned so much though and I do not want to sound unappreciative of what I am learning.  I chose the time line topic and I have been working with Google Trek.

The time line project this week wasn’t very hard I chose to work with the Toast Website I chose the topic of Ryan White because I work as a substitute teacher in a high school and the things I see their made me realize that as educators we must do our part and educate our youth and especially teens about STD’s and HIV/AIDS. I am not promoting sex at all but I realize that many of the students that I work with have no clue. I see young girls pregnant and girls and boys kissing in the hall way. When I was growing up that was considered taboo to do at school.

Anyway I know that often times as teachers we have to make tough choices about our teaching style. I really used more of a time period to express some of the things in simple terms that happened to Ryan White. In case any of you are unaware or do not know who he was I will tell you. Ryan White was diagnosed with AIDS after giving blood from having hemophilia. This was in the time period of early 1980’s.  Young Ryan was banned from his school in Indiana and publically ridiculed. This to me is a disgrace and frankly it has touched my life. I feel that no child should be kept from education and especially not in the way he was. Please take a look at why I feel it is crucial to make sure we remember that this should never happen again to any child.


I have more work to do especially on the Google Trek which I feel I will display African American Slavery in Virginia. I am not sure yet though. I did finish the Time Project I will use this assignment in the classroom to teach about a courageous young man who dedicated his life to stopping the stigma of HIV/AIDS. Elton John and Michael Jackson and many around the world including myself were appalled at how he was treated. He was a child of God and I feel that the people who treated him like that were uneducated about HIV/AIDS and afraid yes but that still does not give people an excuse to do the things that were done to him.

It was has been fun working on the time line project about him because I am an advocate at heart for many such things as Lupus HIV/AIDS and Breast cancer. It gave me a chance to look at a topic that is important to me to teach. Take a look at what I have so far

I still have more to do on both projects but I stopped tonight after 4 days of working at night. My husband said enough already.  Anyway I can’t say how much I appreciate the technology that I have learned in this classroom but sometimes I need hands on learning perhaps a video of other students showing us how to use the technology would be better than all this websites. I enjoyed the time line and I have more to do for the finished project.

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