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March 30th, 2013

This week’s blog allowed me explore and have some fun. I loved the free websites and that nothing had to be downloaded.  The first site I explored was Brain Nook. I would love to use the presentation software we have used this semester with Animoto and Brain Shark to discuss the games on this site. I explored the math games on the Brain Nook site and they truly were amazing I had a virtual diva named Bella to interact with. I really loved the games and I actually would love for my grandson to use this site. I feel older students in the exceptional learning class that I teach in would love to use this site. It would encourage creativity and exploration as well as fun for them. I could use the Brain Nook to encourage my students to have fun and play during free time and they could learn from this site it actually is truly fun while learning.

I would use this website to announce that we are having a virtual fun party with websites.. I would create a virtual field trip complete with popcorn and soft music. I could use the talking Avatar to announce our fun using Brain Nook. I could use the NASA site to look at how the UV rays affect your home and the atmosphere. I could discuss how the UV rays affect our lives from global warming to the pollution that could be causing global warming and use this site to explore this hypothesis.  I could perhaps make it a research project.  This would allow my students to look at how to save on power and make your home more power efficient. My students could use the information that they learn from Brain Nook to play fun games when they are bored or just want to explore when they are in the computer lab. I feel that the NASA website would be a great tool to help my students learn more about space and what programs that NASA has. This site gave a virtual tour of that looked at ways to conserve energy in the home and was of exploring information about how the ultra violet rays affect our homes and people.

My students could use the talking Avatar to explain time spans to summarize what has happened to the earth in the last century. My students could use Brain Nook to explain this phenomenon with the talking Avatar. I would encourage my students to explore Brain-Nook and Minyland to be creative while having fun.  The NASA websites are excellent resources for students to look at the different seasons and how global warming and the atmosphere has changed and they also could use the Avatar we used in the last few weeks to explore fun ways to describe what they have leaned about chemistry or Oceanography. The website from NASA could be used for my students to explore what has happened from space exploration to our world. I really loved this site.




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