Religous Freedom Foundations- 506

May 7th, 2013
Module 6
  •   The role of religion and prayer in schools has always been   controversial, and teachers are advised to neither encourage nor discourage   religious observances.  As a teacher,   what religious celebrations or practices might you encounter in your classroom?  How would you respond to these issues while   maintaining your neutrality?
  •   If you were to suggest a law to improve education, what would that   law be?  Explain your rationale for the   law.
  •   Construct an argument regarding the current debate over how best to   keep students, teachers and staff safe.


The practices that I may encounter in my classroom as a teacher around the topic of religious freedoms may occur. The first thing for me to do is respect a students religion. I may want to discuss possible solutions with other teachers and my students about the importance to understand different cultures and religions. I can allow my student to celebrate his or her religion by honoring that they do this in their own personal time. They may choose to wear certain clothing and that is OK  and they can express there religion in their private life as I do. We may even want to learn about history and religion but we would learn this as a part of our education.


They may have a certain time they pray. I would allow them to do so privately if needed.


If I had to construct a law it would be the law of expression and creativity. This would be a law that would allow students to be creative all year round as long as it was fun and in a respectful manner.



I feel that keeping teachers and students safe all starts with maintaining control of the school and having meetings every month to talk with students in their classroom how they feel we can maintain a safe environment in the school setting

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