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February 2nd, 2013

Martin Luther King Picture I was able to go online to the following websites. I decided to look at my favorite person Martin Luther King. This monument was recently put up in Washington DC in the past few years and I wanted to look at some pictures that perhaps I could download for free that were made in the 1960’s. I thought that this image would give my readers a little history lesson and provide some information on a great man. The website “Pics4Learning” did give me some free pictures to use. The website “Morgue File” had pictures but really none that interested me. I found many interesting pictures and information on licensure use for the images and that they were free for the public’s use. Some did have creative commons license information on them.

The images I found on some sites had associated fees that came with the use of them and really did not give explicit information if it was ok to use them. I was able to go to the “Pics 4 Learning’s” website pretty well and search the site and look at information on the websites. There really was good information stating that the pictures were free for public use. There was a big announcement stating on the website’s front page that had to do with a disclosure stating that it was okay to use the free pictures on this site. I preferred the use of this site as well and felt more comfortable using it. I found many free images that had information that the pictures were free copy right images that can be downloaded and used by the public for use for educational purposes. One such free images was the Martin Luther King Monument Retrieved from

Some sites did have pictures that did have copyrighted images and you could only use them if you sign a license agreement and pay. What I learned by doing my searches was that you must read closely to disclosure statements. The way I went about my search was first, to click on the sites that Dr. Coffman told us to browse and to read carefully what each site had to offer and secondly, I found what really interested me the most. I next found resources and how to use them. Needless to say I was like a kid in a candy store. I was able to pick things out that may not have been good for me and moreover, some that I liked and felt comfortable with. Some did have a disclaimer that states that you can use them if they were made before a certain time frame or in some cases for educational purposes. Most of the disclosure I read was somewhat unfamiliar to me but I did try my best to understand them. I found a picture of Marilyn Monroe and a picture of J.M Cardoso. You may find what he did unique if you too would like to read about him and some of the things that went in New York City in the 1920’s. This is what the information said about his information on the website. The rights information looked like this

Rights Info: No known restrictions on publication. Repository: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA,

There were no restrictions or some restrictions for use because this was in a public library and they displayed that the information was for the public to find out about historical events in certain era etc. The picture of Marilyn Monroe was a public domain image and can be viewed by the public because it was made in the early 1950’s and 1960’s before copy right laws existed. These images are displayed with the site I was able to get them from. I found a beautiful picture of a flower that I wondered if it was okay to print and place on my wall at some point in a frame. It did state it was free. Do you all think that is OK to use it? It did say it was free in the disclaimer for free? I feel that it is OK.

You see I am a “digital immigrant”. And just like our readings discussed this week it is mainly because of the time I was born. Yes I am over 30 and maybe even though I don’t feel like I am over 40 I am. My daughter teaches me about technology and Dr Coffman has taught me a lot about some things I know about the use of technology. I do have to go outside of my comfort zone to learn it sometimes. That is also what I share with my students no pain no gain. I am the “new digital immigrant diva” and yes I have to even have to ask sometimes many questions but I am a learner you guys

I found in my search what I would want my students to know. I would want them to know how to information because they are “digital natives” and use it in an ethical manner and know about copyright laws. I want them to have fun using information but do so respectfully. I feel more and more that digital natives are using information for everything especially the ones that are under 30 years old. This information is at the tip of their figures to download information and many do make the mistake of using it for your own use. What I found that you can get in trouble form doing this and get hefty fines. I also found that some sites charge you to use their images but they also give you information on how to use the images at

I really liked this website and my searches on this site were fun and easy take a loll at some of the pictures I found to download for free on this site of course you would want to put the site you retrieved them from.

This site that I searched for the library of congress has pictures that can be used for educational purposes which I found a great site and many pictures were made before copyright laws. Affect

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