Religous Freedom Foundations- 506

May 7th, 2013
Module 6
  •   The role of religion and prayer in schools has always been   controversial, and teachers are advised to neither encourage nor discourage   religious observances.  As a teacher,   what religious celebrations or practices might you encounter in your classroom?  How would you respond to these issues while   maintaining your neutrality?
  •   If you were to suggest a law to improve education, what would that   law be?  Explain your rationale for the   law.
  •   Construct an argument regarding the current debate over how best to   keep students, teachers and staff safe.


The practices that I may encounter in my classroom as a teacher around the topic of religious freedoms may occur. The first thing for me to do is respect a students religion. I may want to discuss possible solutions with other teachers and my students about the importance to understand different cultures and religions. I can allow my student to celebrate his or her religion by honoring that they do this in their own personal time. They may choose to wear certain clothing and that is OK  and they can express there religion in their private life as I do. We may even want to learn about history and religion but we would learn this as a part of our education.


They may have a certain time they pray. I would allow them to do so privately if needed.


If I had to construct a law it would be the law of expression and creativity. This would be a law that would allow students to be creative all year round as long as it was fun and in a respectful manner.



I feel that keeping teachers and students safe all starts with maintaining control of the school and having meetings every month to talk with students in their classroom how they feel we can maintain a safe environment in the school setting

Foundations Rationale of Why I want Teach

May 7th, 2013

If I were offered a year round position to teach I would love to work as a Special Education Teacher  at a high school. I love children and I find that I am more drawn to the possibility of teaching children that are exceptional learners. The reason and rationale for this is because I have worked in the school system for many years and I find that my talents in teaching is natural and I am compassionate and creative person. I feel that since I have a grandson that it is a exceptional learner and I connect with children in many ways.


I have the empathy and desire to be a great creative and caring teacher.



Thartman Integrating Technologies edci 501

March 30th, 2013

This week’s blog allowed me explore and have some fun. I loved the free websites and that nothing had to be downloaded.  The first site I explored was Brain Nook. I would love to use the presentation software we have used this semester with Animoto and Brain Shark to discuss the games on this site. I explored the math games on the Brain Nook site and they truly were amazing I had a virtual diva named Bella to interact with. I really loved the games and I actually would love for my grandson to use this site. I feel older students in the exceptional learning class that I teach in would love to use this site. It would encourage creativity and exploration as well as fun for them. I could use the Brain Nook to encourage my students to have fun and play during free time and they could learn from this site it actually is truly fun while learning.

I would use this website to announce that we are having a virtual fun party with websites.. I would create a virtual field trip complete with popcorn and soft music. I could use the talking Avatar to announce our fun using Brain Nook. I could use the NASA site to look at how the UV rays affect your home and the atmosphere. I could discuss how the UV rays affect our lives from global warming to the pollution that could be causing global warming and use this site to explore this hypothesis.  I could perhaps make it a research project.  This would allow my students to look at how to save on power and make your home more power efficient. My students could use the information that they learn from Brain Nook to play fun games when they are bored or just want to explore when they are in the computer lab. I feel that the NASA website would be a great tool to help my students learn more about space and what programs that NASA has. This site gave a virtual tour of that looked at ways to conserve energy in the home and was of exploring information about how the ultra violet rays affect our homes and people.

My students could use the talking Avatar to explain time spans to summarize what has happened to the earth in the last century. My students could use Brain Nook to explain this phenomenon with the talking Avatar. I would encourage my students to explore Brain-Nook and Minyland to be creative while having fun.  The NASA websites are excellent resources for students to look at the different seasons and how global warming and the atmosphere has changed and they also could use the Avatar we used in the last few weeks to explore fun ways to describe what they have leaned about chemistry or Oceanography. The website from NASA could be used for my students to explore what has happened from space exploration to our world. I really loved this site.




Thartman Mini Project 2 edci-501

March 24th, 2013

Ryan WhiteFor the mini project 2 I have been going back and forth with the technology and frankly I am very frustrated because of how much time it is taking to do the assignments. I work a full time job and I have a house, and elderly mother, a husband and grad school assignments. I feel like this semester has been a little overwhelming. I have learned so much though and I do not want to sound unappreciative of what I am learning.  I chose the time line topic and I have been working with Google Trek.

The time line project this week wasn’t very hard I chose to work with the Toast Website I chose the topic of Ryan White because I work as a substitute teacher in a high school and the things I see their made me realize that as educators we must do our part and educate our youth and especially teens about STD’s and HIV/AIDS. I am not promoting sex at all but I realize that many of the students that I work with have no clue. I see young girls pregnant and girls and boys kissing in the hall way. When I was growing up that was considered taboo to do at school.

Anyway I know that often times as teachers we have to make tough choices about our teaching style. I really used more of a time period to express some of the things in simple terms that happened to Ryan White. In case any of you are unaware or do not know who he was I will tell you. Ryan White was diagnosed with AIDS after giving blood from having hemophilia. This was in the time period of early 1980’s.  Young Ryan was banned from his school in Indiana and publically ridiculed. This to me is a disgrace and frankly it has touched my life. I feel that no child should be kept from education and especially not in the way he was. Please take a look at why I feel it is crucial to make sure we remember that this should never happen again to any child.


I have more work to do especially on the Google Trek which I feel I will display African American Slavery in Virginia. I am not sure yet though. I did finish the Time Project I will use this assignment in the classroom to teach about a courageous young man who dedicated his life to stopping the stigma of HIV/AIDS. Elton John and Michael Jackson and many around the world including myself were appalled at how he was treated. He was a child of God and I feel that the people who treated him like that were uneducated about HIV/AIDS and afraid yes but that still does not give people an excuse to do the things that were done to him.

It was has been fun working on the time line project about him because I am an advocate at heart for many such things as Lupus HIV/AIDS and Breast cancer. It gave me a chance to look at a topic that is important to me to teach. Take a look at what I have so far

I still have more to do on both projects but I stopped tonight after 4 days of working at night. My husband said enough already.  Anyway I can’t say how much I appreciate the technology that I have learned in this classroom but sometimes I need hands on learning perhaps a video of other students showing us how to use the technology would be better than all this websites. I enjoyed the time line and I have more to do for the finished project.

Budget Education edcu- 506

March 23rd, 2013

Budget Letter

Tiffany Hartman



To the School Board

March 21 2013:

I am concerned with the current state of School Boards budgets. I plan to discuss some of my concerns and outline some of these concerns in this letter .The outline that I am proposing will allow our school budget to help our schools in the Roanoke Valley continue to function and allow our students and employees to continue to serve and to go to public school and get their needs met.

My objective is to not make budget cuts that will affect our teachers, instructional staff as well as need custodial, secretary and other important staff that help our school run. Instead my objective will utilize Smart objectives that will be measurable within the small changes need in the budget, specific because they will target specific area in small ways, relevant and attainable. This may be a possible solution because the smaller class size is a relevant idea may be attainable and help with improved student success.

There has been discussion that the School Board may have to vote and the budget cuts may be needed that will affect class size or needed health benefits for our employees. It is within my objective and plan to make sure that teachers and students and other support staff that are affected within this budget understand that their jobs and the honorable education of our students not be affected by this budget.

It has been noted by past research that reduction in class size is needed for effective learning and classroom learning is better achievable with smaller teacher to student ratios. I feel that it is in the best interest that we maintain of the subjects that our teachers teach and we continue to provide Special Education classes, PE Music and Art Its pertinent that are employees continue to keep their health benefits and we keep teachers teaching. We need healthcare that are employees can continue afford

I propose to reduce the budget in small ways and deduct one point from paraprofessionals needed in the classroom. I know this is a strong cut for us and taking from families but I propose that paraprofessional can take turns in other classrooms and be brought back on as the budget allows. I propose to reduce 4 points in our music budget and use online resources to replace this budget or borrow from other school’s music equipment needed for our music department. We have many students who are great at fund raising and we may have the do a fundraiser to help with the point education needed to take from this budget cut from our music department.

I also propose that we can budget more in our library and use internet resources. We can use free online resources as verses buying many new books this semester I propose to deduct 4 points from our library budget. I do not plan to take from our parent resource department because this program is instrumental in the success of our students. I will plan to deduct 5 points from our new school book budget because we can use online resources to make up for the loss and use of these books and inter loan library to help with this cut.

I will have to reduce 2 points for transportation for the student activity bus and 2 point for the secretary staff and utilize a plan that will establish the use of online planning and will detail an outlined budget that will detail and discuss possible cuts to vote on in detail of this budget. For a short time period we will have to reduce student activity bus transportation by 5 points.

I am sorry to have to recommend these cut but is important for the continued success of our school budget to be successful and to continue to run our public school system Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Tiffany Hartman

Mini Blog 1

March 16th, 2013

Thartmans Exceptional Learner Comic

This week I decided to use digital storytelling and I created a comic book story of a topic that I thought was important. I used the topic of autism and exceptional learners for both of the mini project topics. I posted them both on my web portfolio. The reason I chose this topic is because of the very personal reason that autism has affected my family and many of my friends. My grandson was diagnosed with some of the symptoms of being autistic. Yet he never was given an official diagnosis until me and my daughter fought to find out more about what he was experiencing. Because he did not have a severe case he was not diagnosed for a long time. My family went through so many ups and downs and it became apparent that my daughter and I would need to advocate for her son and my grandson. We sought information from websites support groups and on television we would have to get information for ourselves. It also became hard to communicate with other effectively.

While doing the assignment Mini Project 1 I thought of many of the things my family has went through and all the ups and downs of what a family goes through with autism. It took all day to create the comic story and it still does not work like I wanted it to but again I know more than when I began. I figured out how to use the technology maybe not master it yet but it was worth seeing my great work come to life. The problem was there was not a link to save my work like other assignments we have done in the past after I finished. That was frustrating!!! I am not sure if it comes with a link for sharing and if so I do not know how to do so. Does anyone know? I got frustrated and ask my husband to help me and he could not figure out how to get a link either. I done a great job with it and it was fun but I could not save the link. My computer keeps acting up from downloading so many free downloads because other free site tries to get me to download  pop ups. I hope my free virus protector prevails.          The comic story website did have good directions and it was fairly easy but it did not give directions on how to share a link with others so I did a screen shot of my work which I am using more often.  I had more luck with my digital story telling but I will work more on that assignment tomorrow try to add media and try to just have fun.

Doing this assignment did bring up some really cool important points for me as a teacher. It is important to share a piece of me with my students. I feel I can use the digital storytelling present information on say history or science or use it to tell a story of what happened in my family with autism. I feel I can use this technology in my classroom to connect with my students. Story telling is amazing and I remember how story time affected me as a student. The role for me as a teacher to learn some of the technology to present stories in a classroom of meaning a substance and share with my student’s important aspects of autism and autistic students. I want them to know that autism affects many families in the world and this could happen to any family My students also need to understand autism so they will know how to understand students that they come in contact that have been diagnosed with it. I thought that a music video or another technology that we have learned with voice thread would have done this job more effectively I chose to use another route so it was either stick with the long hours of work or change up. I chose the second option. My link to my story telling is here I still have more work to do on it.

There was not many places to go to go back and edit for the comic story at least that I could figure out and the icons did not work like I learned in the learning presentation it was fun though but I did not feel like a digital diva this week. I should get an A for all the effort though. 5 hours total. And 2 today so that equals 7 hours of learning new technologies.


Thartman Wallwisher Blog

March 1st, 2013

Tiffanys wallwisher

I found this week’s  Wallwisher assignment to be interesting. I actually have beeen enjoying working with the technology thus far. I feel more self assured with the technology. I am learning and really love the stuff I am mastering. I feel like I may not be able to do everything with different technology aspects but I really know much more than when I started this semester. I also listen and go to the websites and try to recreate things and use trail and error. I now have a Smart Phone,I am using Smart Boards,I have a Kindle Fire which I love, I have a Linked in page which I really am not feeling so great about but hey I will give it a chance!!!!

I leanrned how to use the Animoto site which I love and created music videos and I have learned also how to use Brainshark to allow my students to introduce themselves to me. I tried to create a game whith  Scaratch which I hated but plan to go back and try again. I am a natural blogger now. I am learning ways to network and use my Facebook and my Linked In Page to help me professionally. I can use new technology to as a way to stay in touch with friends and family in a suitable way to use socail media. I have worked on 2  web portfolios and I have tried all sorts of new technologies.

I am very proud of myself. I have found that it is best to go slow and at a pace that is fit for my work time and my school hours and to do what I can and not to get too overwhlemed. I am playing around with and creating music videos and posting them for me and my husband to have as keepsakes and I think I can actually use the technology for fun and with my students to be creative.

This week I learned about Wallwisher and ways to use it in my teaching style and in my classroom.I feel I can use Wallwisher to help my students create fun ways to be creative and to post sticky notes for reminder assignments as well as for myself to post what I have learned this semester. I can use it to save important things that mean a lot to me and to be creative and remind my students of important dates or things to uplift them in their learning adventures. I have learned how to flip my classroom and I can use the Wallwisher to help with flipping students’s assignemnts as well. This week I plan to see how many things I can post on Wallwisher to help me feel motivated and then share it with my students and then see how they like it too.

I work with children who many times come from broken homes or foster care and they do not have many people in their life who care about how they feel. When they come to school it is my greatest challenge to help them feel worthy of what they learn.   I often times feel unsure myself about life and all the obstacles in it but I know we fall down but we get up. Here is what I created so far. I still have to go in and add more. What I like about is you can add as much as you would like and add as many walls as you like. Here is what I have started  I will try to add add all the wonderful things I have learned this semester on it.

Also here is a music video I put together of me and my family for fun and for my husband about the love we share so yes I am using the technology I have learned this semester. I just have not been able to go back once I create something and edit for misspelled words etc. But I think you will enjoy what I am learning and have done thus far.

This one is one that I call homeymooning not honeymooning because we spent time with family in our home town during our honeymoon and then went away togther so I call in spening time at home. Homeymooning (LOL)

Take a look


I can use Wallwisher and other technology so that my students to can do creative things.

It was an amazing time to stop life and spend some much needed time homeymooning


Check in enjoying family time now that I am back at home and living where I belong.


So I am enjoyning the use of all the technology I am learning this semester and for the most part I am happy about it.

Flipping the classroom Blog 6 indti- 501

February 23rd, 2013

The information this week about flipping a classroom was a very informative topic. I watched the video first and then read the information. The video helped me to understand the concept of flipping the classroom and gave me some good ideas of ways that I can incorporate small steps to begin this in my own teaching methods. It also made me think about the things I will need to carry this out. I would have to get the buy in of my students and if I am teaching in a area that there are many students with a low income how could I utilize this project. I could allow them to go to the library and watch videos that I post on a topic.

The concept of the flipped classroom discussed by the teacher in the first video I watched was amazing because he discussed how he does not have to stand in the classroom and teach his students. He allows his students to apply concepts that they have learned from home and come to the classroom and apply the concepts. He also discussed that allows him to be more engaged with his students.

The second video had a teacher named Jonathan Birdman in it. He discussed that he has the opportunity to challenge his students and to be more engaged with them. Both teachers seem unique in their teaching style because they have found ways to teach students innovatively and with passion. The second video discussed how he is able to spend more time with his students on finding out what they are good at.. Flipping the classroom leaved more room for engagement. This will allow teachers to be able to spend more time with their students instead of having to lecture to them. I may need a white board and I could use shorter lessons. I could use videos to tape my lesson and use examples and demonstrations that may help my students. I found this video on how a teacher flips her classroom and I plan to use some of her suggestions. Take alook at how she flips her classroom. I loved it.

There are many ways that I thought about that would be useful to flip my own classroom. I could let me students pick a topic that they found interesting and use a scavenger hunt and post it on a link on a discussion board for our classroom and use videos and links with interested information on the topic and then allow my students to present the information to me using concepts of the scavenger hunt that they learned by listening to videos I posted and though the use of lessons I post for them from home. They could use a video or other neat ways of showing me what they learned.



Thartman Music Video Blog Post

February 15th, 2013

I had a lot of fun doing this weeks blog post. I have had some challenges with trying to figure out how to add my powerpoint slides but I will go back and do that before the final due date. I am very encouraged that I have not given up with learning to use the technology. I am really amazed with how much I have learned so far. I found that doing a little at a time is better than sitting for 5 or 6 hours trying to figure out what I cant do. I found it helpful to not get overwhemlemed and do small increments at a time.

I was able to get a free pro account at the beginning of the semester and it is still live and I signede in and went to

I then thought of a theme I decided to do children with exceptionalities and use animals that help make them smile and also dogs and horses that assist them in their daily life. I downlaoded slides from google images that were free images and then I uploaded my pictures. I need to go back and add my credits slide. I did put my music video link on my web portfolio this week and my linked in page. I am adding more activities and helpful links to my learning network as the weekend progresses.

The challenges that I ran into on this one were limited. I used images of my own and images that were free public images on google to make my music video. I loved this assignement. I wanted to add my singing voice as the music but I found that challenging to do with me recording this in Animoto. Perhaps I will try again. If any one has feedback let me know?


Here is my link to my music video







Thartman blog Scratch Game 4

February 9th, 2013

I must first say that at first glance the Scratch assignment was fun. It had fun ways of trying to create a figure and adding sounds etc. As I did more on the site I became frustrated. I worked for over 3 hours at first and my items were deleted. I do not have all day to figure out how to design a game on a computer. I wish I did. So I took a break and figure I will come back to it when I am not so frustrated I have other school work to do, a husband to tend to, and other assignments in this class as well as others. Not to say it isn’t important but this is my reflection of the process and a cooling off period to allow me to figure out what worked and what did not work. I do not know how to use this set of technology but I did give it a try for 5 hours before just trying to write this blog. I must say I do not know much more than when I started it was not easy to learn and I did not like it. I am not sure about how to share this I tried this for about an hour also. You can try to figure it out and help me please?

I did however, start my professional web portfolio the first week of school and I realized today I do not have permission to make changes did I do something wrong there to? I was able to go back later and figure some more things out about the professional portfolio website. I was able to do a search engine and place in the Google search engine on my web portfolio. I am still trying to figure out how to share it which I think I figured it out.

I would tell my students to calm down when they can’t get things like I have experienced this week and take a break and come back to it. I did listen to the directions but it seems to not give much advice on how to do some of the things I need to do or perhaps I did not take as much time to listen and I should have. I also started working on a voice thread for all the things I am learning and what I like so far and what has presented me with challenges. I am figuring out how to add stuff and create a web portfolio. It has a nice start. The obstacles I ran into were everything especially with the scratch game. I plan to reach out to my classmates for help to see if they are experiencing the same sort of troubles. I did start reading others portfolios and trying to figure out how to get mine better started. This is collaboration right?

I thought I did a nice job the first few weeks of class but realized it has not been shared. I am pretty sure it is shared now. So let’s cross our fingers. This digital immigrant is going to get this if it is the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing do before bed. I just do not know how to do this. I think I may go back and listen for the 5th time to how to video game with scratch and the web portfolio. I hope in the long run giving my weekend up will help me with learning technology. I am very frustrated with the whole thing but will not give up. You must remember I am a digital immigrant diva so I have to get this. I know I will so I will let you all know what happens. I did sit down and think about a fun game with a butterfly giving instruction to learning with a game of new words and perhaps designing a game that might aide me in this. Needless to say I was not very good in my efforts. I will tell my students do not give up!!!! Try and try again and see if I can get it to work.


When the road gets tough this tough girl gets going!!!!


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